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St. Brigid's Youth Center, located in the heart of downtown Hanford, is a facility operated by St. Brigid Catholic Church. The Youth Center offers a variety of programs for the teens of Hanford. Our programs serve teens in Junior High and High school. Serving our teens and leading them closer to Christ is our mission. 


Please check out our different programs based on age and Sacrament need.


This Sacrament program is for High School Students, the earliest students may enroll in confirmation is their Freshman year. Requirements of the program include attending Mass, attending Life Teen, attending Adoration, community service hours and attending Parish events. It is a two-year program and registration is $80 per year. The schedule is as follows:


          Confirmation 1 - 11:30am - 1:30 pm   

          Confirmation 2 - 11:30am - 1:30 pm 


*In order to register, please provide copies of Birth    Certificate, Baptism, First Communion & Reconciliation.


* Note: Mondays Make-Up classes will no longer be offered, instead Work will be assigned via online/email or google classroom.


Click Here to Download 2019-2020 Reg. Packet PDF 



Initiation class is for any teen 12 years old to 17 years old who have not yet received any of the Initiation Sacraments; Baptism, Reconciliation, First Communion. The age group in this class is open to Junior and High School students and has a $40 registration fee. The Following is when the class meets:



     Sacrament Class - 5:30 pm - 6:45 pm


*In order to register, please provide copies of Birth    Certificate, Baptism (If Baptized).


Click Here to Download 2019-2020 Reg. Packet PDF  →

(Middle School Youth Group)

Middle School Youth Group is excited to be back and is going through some rebuilding. We are working on refreshing this program and with God's help making a fun and exciting Group where Teens can gather to share in fellowship, grow in their faith and better prepare and strengthen their relationship with God as they head into high School. This group meets the following times:


Wednesdays - 

    Junior High School Youth Group -  6:30pm - 7:30pm


Click Here to Download 2019-2020 Reg. Packet PDF  →

Life Teen
(High School Youth Group)

High School Youth Group is open to all students of High School Age. Our Youth Group follows Life Teen Curriculum, which is an exciting program that focuses on leading teens closer to Christ. The Structure of this program is refreshing to the Parish of Hanford. Life Teen meets at the Youth Center on a weekly basis but participates in Local events as well as many awesome out of town trips.

Please join us for Youth Group the following days:

Wednesdays -

     Life Teen:  7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Click Here to Download 2019-2020 Reg. Packet PDF  →




We are excited to share our newest program, Summit; a lectionary-based discipleship group. Each week, small groups of teenagers meet to dive into the Sunday readings and examine key themes and reflections, then discuss how God is speaking to them through His Word.

Teenagers that are further along in their faith can approach a greater depth of contemplation and discussion with like-minded peers. Each week has a video reflection to help the conversation from one of our Life Teen staff members or one of the many great voices in Catholic youth ministry, today. We are excited to see you there!

Click Here to Download 2019-2020 Reg. Packet PDF  →

Core Team

The Core Team is for Young Adults & Adults who are interested in helping with the Youth Ministry. Serving and guiding our teens in their faith walk is a very rewarding experience. Serving our Lord, and of course, serving the Youth of our community, will not only enrich your life but also fill you of many blessings.


 The requirements to be on the Core Team is simply be a practicing Catholic in good standing with the church, who can be Safe Environment trained and pass a background check (be fingerprinted).

                  Click Here to Download 2019-2020

                            Volunteer Packet PDF  →



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