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Youth Ministry is such a necessity during these times of temptation and self-reliance. Teens can find a safe place to worship, learn and serve as they navigate their way through junior high and high school. The bonds of this fellowship are strong because the foundation is laid where it should be, on Jesus.


Youth Ministry at St. Brigid focuses on helping young people take their faith to the next level by giving them the tools to go deeper in their faith. We prepare youth to be “Salt of the Earth” (Matthew 5:13) with a program that is rooted in the truths of Sacred Scripture, the Catechism and the lives and examples of the Saints. The Programs/Resources we proudly use are Life Teen for High School Youth Group, Decision Point for Confirmation & Sacrament Class, and Edge for Middle School Youth Group. You can find more information about these programs/resources in our "Resources" page.  

We should reflect CHRIST at all times. Christ humbly pointed others to His Father and we are called to echo that. Our youth ministry program instills these values in the youth that participate in our variety of activities, reminding them to “preach the Gospel always” and effectively “use words when necessary.”

This is all achieved with prayer services, trips, Bible studies, games, music and activities, so they can be better and more authentic witnesses wherever they go. The goal is to prepare them for their adult life by giving them the tools needed to live out a Catholic lifestyle.

St. Brigid's administrator:
Fr. Joseph Govindu

Parish Administrator


our Youth Minister:
George J. Aguayo

Director of Youth Ministry


our Core Team:
Jennifer Mendenhall
Roxi Melendez
Jorge Raul Lopez
Lisa Eck
Ann Marie Paden
Travis Paden
Mike Popp
Camille Popp



319 N. Harris St

Hanford, CA 93230

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